Processing Membership Applications with Subscribe360

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Subscribe360 powered by Dynamics 365, provides the advanced tools required to manage all aspects of your membership application process. In this blog, we demonstrate how to create a membership application, and when approved, how this becomes a new membership record.

Benefits to Subscribe360's Membership Application Process

A key advantage of the membership application process is the use of Dynamics 365’s out of the box opportunity management features, making this entirely configurable to the needs of your organisation. This reduces the amount of staff training as they may already be familiar with the Dynamics 365 platform, and the supporting sales processes.

Membership levels and pricing are completely configurable. The membership products (levels), price lists and discounts are created and managed with the standard . This makes it easier to keep pricing up to date and price changes can be easily updated.

You can attach supporting documents e.g. application forms and certificates, to membership records by using the standard SharePoint Online integration. The use of SharePoint Online also centralises the location of all your documents in the cloud.

Subscribe360 also offers configurable dashboards which can be used to highlight open membership applications by process stage and any pending activities related to applications.

The following video tutorial demonstrates the process of creating a membership application and when approved, how this becomes a new membership record in Subscribe360:

Contact Us today for more details; we offer private webinars on request that are tailored to your requirements to assist you in transforming your membership solution with Subscribe360.

10 Apr 2019
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