Why UK Building Societies need to use Subscribe360

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A building societies first priority is the interest of their membership, which is why it’s vital to have an effective membership solution to be set in place, to meet the needs of the business processes for their customers and members. Multi-channel CRM implementations can be successful within building societies if they assess the current positions, align plans accordingly, involve everyone, and truly put the customer first.

Choosing Subscribe360 as the solution of choice will enable the design and model to provide a sophisticated process to drive membership interactions for all the needs of the building society to manage their members proactively. Subscribe360 has the power to deploy membership groups efficiently across all channels (in the branch, on the phone and across the web) and manage or change these processes quickly and easily. Implementing Subscribe360 within a building society in the UK would gain a positive market share, as it can drive the following:

  • Extra sales to established members through intelligent marketing promotions
  • Manage and execute marketing campaigns efficiently to acquire new members
  • Increased member engagement resulting in greater membership satisfaction
  • Maximise business processes
  • Helping to exceed ROI targets

Subscribe360 would enable building societies to become more efficient by reducing labour-intensive and time-consuming manual processes. Subscribe360 could provide key functionalities within the organisation’s infrastructure, such as Existing Systems Integration, SharePoint Integration, Large IT Departments & Expensive implementations:

  • Existing System Integration - Information should not be an island. With proper security, it should be transparent to those users who need to act on it. Subscribe360 can be fully integrated with web portals, emarketing platforms, social media, 3rd party accounting software systems and payment gateways.
  • SharePoint Integration - Making data available when and where it is needed can be difficult if it’s locked away. SharePoint makes information available in a secure fashion whenever and wherever you are, as SharePoint is easily integrated with Subscribe360. This makes Subscribe360 the go to membership solution for cloud storage and document sharing.
  • Large IT Departments - Gone are the days of IT departments with large budgets for hardware, operating systems and even upgrades. Using Subscribe360 within the cloud, will allow building societies to maximise expertise and knowledge whilst reducing costs.
  • Expensive implementations – The implementation of Subscribe360 in the cloud benefits from not needing to perform hardware upgrades and installations with the added cost of the specialists to manage this process. As a result an implementation of the membership solution can start earlier and focus on the functionality of the application and not the infrastructure.

Subscribe360 is a comprehensive solution for building societies, which allows the implementations to start small and eventually grow with the organisation. The out of the box capabilities are fully customisable and offers the ability to get a baseline framework established in very little time that is suited for any project planning with the building society’s infrastructure.

Contact Us today for more information on how Subscribe360 could revolutionise your membership solution.

14 Jan 2019
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