Document Generation for Membership Organisations

The Subscribe360 document generator lets membership organisations create personalised Word and PDF documents for email or printing. The document generator can automatically produce renewal letters, reminders, certificates and more, covering the full document requirements of all membership bodies. As the generator is based on Word-based templates, non-technical staff can easily manage and update all documents.

Edit in Word

Documents need to be easy to create and update by non-technical staff. For that reason, all documents are created and managed using Word. Merge fields are added using simple markup format, and there is full support to reference related records e.g. invoice to customer details. An example of a marked-up document in Word is shown below. Training will assist staff in identifying the appropriate field and relationship names for merge fields.

Multiple related records are supported in tables, e.g. invoice lines for an invoice, with full control of formatting and order.

Word and PDF

The final documents can be generated in either PDF or Word format, ensuring that they are ready to be attached to any emails or for printing/further editing.

Store in SharePoint & Access in Dynamics 365

The Subscribe360 document generator also allows the generated documents to be stored in a SharePoint location of choice, which may also be related to a Dynamics 365/Dataverse record. This ensures that the documents can be easily accessed from the relevant record, e.g. Invoice, Account or Contact.


The Subscribe360 Document Generator is fully integrated with Power Automate via a series of child flows provided with Subscribe360. This allows for documents to be easily produced to the specific requirement of each membership organisation. In addition, there are no limits on the number/types of documents that can be produced.

Subscribe360 Templates

A range of templates and formats are provided as standard, which can be adapted to the specific requirements of each membership body. The out of the box templates include:

  • Invoice
  • Credit Note
  • Refund
  • Payment Receipt
  • Renewal Letter
  • Reminder Letter
  • Lapsed Subscription
  • CPD Certificate
  • Membership Certificate


Unlike other membership systems, the Subscribe360 document generator is currently included as standard with all Subscribe360 implementations (subject to fair usage). Therefore, where high volume usage is required, the generator can be deployed on an organisation’s own Azure subscription. In this scenario, the only additional cost is the Azure usage costs.

Please Contact Us for more information on Subscribe360 and the integrated document generator. A no-obligation demonstration is available on request.