Membership Marketing & Engagement is essential to being able to target members appropriately with the correct messaging at the right time. Subscribe360 and our partner engagement platforms provide everything you need to automate marketing campaigns based on member's past behaviours and interests.

  • Subscribe360 & Dynamics 365 integrate with leading marketing automation platforms, including DotDigital and ClickDimensions. These platforms provide email marketing and full campaign automation features, allowing you deliver comprehensive marketing campaigns. This includes the ability to set up dynamic paths for a contact or lead to follow based on actions taken e.g. new member onboarding, lapsed member re-engagement or event promotion based on previous booking history.
  • Subscribe360 can track and score each member interaction to provide an overall Member Engagement Score, This helps identify which members you need to focus on to minimise lapsed memberships and which members may wish to get more involved in specific activities. Interactions can be directly recorded within Dynamics 365 or any other system connected to it - e.g. member portal or other external systems.
  • Set up and manage Groups/Committees, showing current/previous members, their roles and join/exit dates, associated group papers/minutes, and self-service facility through the Members Portal.

Key marketing & engagement features include:

  • Seamless integration with Dot Digital and Click Dimensions
  • Full Marketing List and Campaign management from Dynamics 365
  • Send targeted emails to members or prospects to drive sales and renewals
  • Automatically record and measure member engagement
  • Create dynamic marketing campaigns based on member's behaviour 
  • Implementation of net promoter score (NPS)
  • Manage committees, groups and their members including roles, elections and resignations 
  • Manage all committee and group papers centrally with secure document sharing via SharePoint Online
  • Subscribe360 portal for client self-service access