Delivering Your Solution

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Every organisation is different. Therefore, we have designed and built Subscribe360 so that it can be configured to the specific needs of each organisation.

Implementation services by our team ensure that Subscribe360 is tailored to your exact requirements. These include:

Our implementation team have been working with membership organisations for over 10 years and have built up a wealth of knowledge on best practice within the membership sector.  Our team will look to share this experience and best practice with you, guiding your project to a successful implementation.  Where possible we have looked to bake this experience into Subscribe 360 ensuring that the majority of most membership organisation's requirements can be met out of the box, or with limited customisation. 

We work to a regular agile sprint cycle, ensuring that we can deliver fully working software to you throughout the implementation phase. This will focus on your key priorities first, ensuring that you can go live with the system as soon as possible, and that we can react to your feedback in a timely way throughout the implementation.  Working in partnership with your team we deliver a membership solution that is tailored to your organisation and processes, whilst still retaining the benefits of packaged software, e.g. upgradability and quality.