Dynamics 365 provides Case Management as a core feature with a flexible framework for dealing with member (or staff) questions, issues/requests, grants and arbitration services. These requests can be prioritised and managed within Dynamics 365 via queues and workflows, ensuring the right people are alerted at the right time. If you are in danger of missing any service level agreements, Dynamics can escalate and route issues appropriately.

Customer service appointments, staff management and resources are all provided as standard in Dynamics 365, together with associated Case documents and any invoices or deposits required as part of any case. There is also a full resource booking calendar with Outlook integration.

Subscribe360 Case Management features include:

  • Automatically create a Case from an email or Contact timeline activity
  • Online Case logging for Members using Subscribe360 Portal
  • Multiple Case types, with queues and automatic routing
  • Service Level Agreements with escalations and entitlements
  • Use of Dynamics Knowledge base for quick resolutions
  • Tack activity against individual cases