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A successful membership project is about much more than just software implementation. The change management and cultural considerations of the staff, partners, and customers using the solution must be included in any project. A tailored knowledge and skills transfer training plan is therefore essential to maximising the benefits from day one.

Subscribe360’s team have a dedicated professional trainer, which allows us to design and implement training and skills transfer plans that focus on learning outcomes and change management. The training service covers all aspects of Subscribe360, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, and supporting products.

For implementations that the Subscribe360 team undertake, our trainer will use the solution that has been configured. Typically, training is delivered just before the solution goes live to ensure that learning is retained. For some larger and mission-critical projects, we also provide walk-the-floor training on the go-live to facilitate change management.

Training courses available include:

  • Dynamics 365 - An introduction
  • Dynamics 365 - Sales & Marketing
  • Dynamics 365 - Case Management 
  • Subscribe360 - Membership & Renewals
  • Subscribe360 - Finance & Direct Debits
  • Subscribe360 - Events & Conferences 
  • Subscribe360 - Fundraising
  • Customisation & configuration of Dynamics 365 and Subscribe360
  • PowerAutomate