Subscribe360 provides flexible subscription management facilities for your members, with product catalogues, joining fees, pro-rata pricing, automatic renewals and corporate, individual or group invoicing. The renewal process is just a couple of mouse clicks, with annual or rolling renewals executed as a completely automated process.


Key features include:

  • Flexible product catalogue to make it easy to manage and maintain subscription options
  • Define and control the subscription units available, e.g. weeks, months, year(s) etc.
  • Vary subscription pricing by currency, market, payment method or membership type
  • Application and exit fees for specific subscriptions
  • Organisations and individual-based subscriptions with group invoicing for Organisations
  • Automated subscription reminders, lapsed warnings and renewal confirmations
  • Automated rolling or annual renewals
  • Full subscription audit history
  • Support for pro-rata invoicing and manual subscription fees
  • Subscription management dashboards and reports included as standard