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The Subscribe360 consultancy team are the catalyst for delivering business transformation. Our consultants understand Subscribe360, Dynamics 365 and the supporting technologies inside out, and are Microsoft accredited. We innovate through the use of technology, and because we have engaged with many different types of membership organisations, we also understand business, problems and solutions.

Our consultants engage early with clients to explore the scope, discover their requirements, and perform a conceptual design. In some cases, we will then author a detailed functional & technical design specification before configuration & implementation. Where appropriate, a more agile approach can be adopted. Our consultants look at how to:

  • Consider the full potential and challenge assumptions
  • Deliver quick wins
  • Mitigate potential risk from the outset
  • Address and consider change management
  • Plan for phased delivery if appropriate

In addition to configuring a membership solution, our consultants will consider:

  • Data migration strategy
  • Security and data protection
  • Integration with other systems
  • System resilience & recovery
  • Licensing options